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What To Expect

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If you make the choice for you or your child to attend counseling, it is important that you find the right person. You can contact me by phone at 607.342.5423 or email (I usually respond faster to email) to arrange an intake appointment. The intake appointment gives you an opportunity to discuss your concerns, goals, and needs with me. The first meeting usually takes about 60 minutes. Subsequent appointments will usually last 45-55 minutes. If I am able to assist you or your child, I will make a plan with you regarding treatment and referrals to additional resources. The intake process may take up to three weeks, and I ask for you to make a commitment for three visits. If you feel the therapeutic relationship does not work for you, I will help you locate another therapist or find resources to meet your needs.

You will be asked to complete intake, financial information, and HIPAA release forms. You can complete the forms before the first visit by printing the forms from my website. If you do not have access to a printer, you can complete the forms at my office. You will be expected to provide a copy of your insurance card if you plan to use your health insurance.

After the intake process, you will develop treatment goals with my assistance. You are encouraged to work on one to two goals, and you will be asked to assess your progress on the goals throughout your treatment.  As you begin the termination process, your visits will change from weekly to bi-weekly or monthly until you feel ready to terminate. 

For adolescents clients, I will be in regular contact with the parents or guardians via email, face to face, or through phone calls. It is important for the adolescent to know that they have a safe place to discuss their concerns, and I will not break confidentiality unless the individual's safety is in danger. I am a mandated reporter, therefore I have to report all concerns regarding child abuse or suicidal/homicidal concerns to the necessary individuals. My communication with the parents/guardians will be transparent to the adolescent.