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Offices of Emerge


A Community of Individual Practitioners

The offices at Emerge Fingerlakes are shared by several local wellness providers including mental health counselors, clinical psychologists,  and social workers.  Emerge Fingerlakes is located in Community Corners in the Cayuga Heights Area.  The office space is in a comfortable location, with off street parking and a variety of other businesses to enjoy before or after meetings. 

Current Practitioners at EMERGEFLX

Dr. David Frahm, Licensed Psychologist
Dr. Frahm provides individual, couples and family counseling.  You can contact Dr. David Frahm by calling 607.333.7337. 

Rachael Sutherland LCSW
Rachael is a therapist that specializes working with children 0-10.  She uses child centered play therapy.  Rachael can be contacted by calling 607.793.1845

Vicki Holden, LCSW
Vicki is a therapist that works with adolescents and adults. Vicki can be contacted at 808.381.9893.

Kate Lyons, Speech Therapist
Kate Lyons is a speech therapist that works with adolescents and young adults who want to work on social communication.  At times, Kate will facilitate a group.  Kate can be contacted at 607.735.9012